Jul 12, 2018

Chip and seal work to begin on rural roads in Mercer County

Information submitted:


Mercer County Engineer Jim Wiechart is announcing that crews have just started the yearly chip and seal work on various rural local roads in Mercer County.

We would like to request that yard mowing not be blown onto the county and township roads. Doing so creates additional prep work to get the roads ready for chip and seal and slows the whole operation down.

Blowing excess grass onto the roadway also makes a hazard for motorists and especially motorcycle riders that most of us don’t think about related to loss of traction. This becomes even more dangerous with rain on the roadway. Stopping distances increase and friction between the tires and pavement decrease. This scenario has caused tragic accidents and has opened up unknowing property owners to lawsuits. We respectfully request that private mowers are turned around for a couple of passes to keep our roads and traveling public safe.

County and township roads with “Loose Stone” or “Loose Gravel” signs posted are roads that are scheduled to be chip and sealed this season. These roads will have temporary closures during the chip and seal process. We thank you for your patience in helping to keep the traveling public and our workers safe.

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