Jul 10, 2024

A pedestrian crosswalk will be installed on State Route 66 in Minster by the school

To hear comments with Minster Village Administrator Don Harrod:

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From the Village of Minster:

The Village of Minster is excited to announce that the Ohio Department of Transportation is partnering with the Village to install a pedestrian crosswalk on State Route 66 by the school. The crosswalk was suggested by the public during the village’s last community survey.
This pedestrian crosswalk will be located just south of the exisitng school sign and is designed to provide increased safety for pedestrians crossing State Route 66.
The crosswalk will consist of a raised concrete island between the northbound and southbound lanes of traffic, pavement markings, along with rapid flashing lights that can be activated when someone crosses. The two pictures below include an aerial view and a horizontal view of the proposed crosswalk.
The proposed pedestrian crosswalk is partially funded by a safety grant from the Ohio Department of Transportation. Work should begin on the crosswalk in late August or early September.

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