Feb 10, 2024

Celina City Council to meet Monday Night

Parks & Rec Committee @ 6:00 PM
Committee of the Whole Immediately following Parks & Rec Committee AGENDA
Regular Meeting of City Council Monday, February 12, 2024 7:00 P.M.
Council Chambers, 225 N. Main Street

TO: President King, Members of Council, Mayor Hazel,
Safety Service Director Hitchcock, City Auditor Shinn, City Law Director Moore News Media 

1) Call to Order and Roll Call 2) Acceptance of Agenda 3) Corrections and acceptance of the Regular Council Meeting Minutes

~Council Meeting Minutes- January 22, 2024
~Emergency Council Meeting Minutes- February 5, 2024

4) Committee Reports
~Personnel & Finance Committee Meeting- January 22, 2024
~Committee of the Whole Meeting- January 22, 2024 ~Committee of the Whole Meeting- February 5, 2024

5) Communications 6) Audience Communications

7) New Business:
8- 24-O: An Ordinance to vacate a portion of Holly Street between East Wayne Street and Johnson Avenue situated in the City of Celina, Ohio; and declaring an effective date.

9- 24-O: An Ordinance to accept the petition for the annexation of 3.96 acres more or less in Jefferson Township to the City of Celina; to be known as the Casey's Marketing Company annexation.

10- 24-O: An Ordinance to prohibit recreational adult use cannabis operators within the City of Celina, and declaring an emergency.

11- 24-O: An Ordinance transferring funds, appropriating funds, and amending various categories within Ordinance 48-23-O as the Second Supplement to the 2024 Annual Appropriations, and declaring an emergency.

12- 24-O: An Ordinance amending Ordinance 5-13-O which adopted the Rules and Regulations of Civil Service Commission of the City of Celina and declaring an emergency.

13- 24-O: An Ordinance authorizing a lease agreement between the City of Celina and Grand Lake Rotary for the lease of the Bryson Park District and declaring an emergency.

14- 24-O: An Ordinance authorizing a lease agreement between the City of Celina and Celina Lake Festival for the lease of the Bryson Park District.

15- 24-O: An Ordinance to amend Ordinance 34-20-O to eliminate the Account Clerk Supervisor and the Assistant Fire Chief and to add a Customer Accounts Director and a Battalion Chief/Paramedic, and declaring an emergency.

16- 24-O: An Ordinance appropriating money from the General Fund for deposit in the Police Capital Fund, Fire Capital Fund, Street Improvement Capital Fund, Park Capital Fund, Economic Development Fund, and Montgomery Field Investment Fund, to transfer funds, and declare an emergency.

17- 24-O: An Ordinance authorizing the Safety-Service Director to advertise and receive bids and enter into an agreement for the Bryson Park paving projects, appropriating funds, and declaring an emergency.

4-24-R: A Resolution amending City of Celina Council Rules.

8) Old Business (Third Reading):
1-24-O: An Ordinance amending Ordinance 28-81-O to include Tax Exemption for the construction of residential structures and declaring an emergency.

1-24-R: A Resolution authorizing the sale by internet auction during calendar year 2024 of municipally owned personal property which is not needed for public use, or which is obsolete or unfit for the use for which it was acquired, pursuant to Ohio Revised Code Section 721.15(D).

3-24-R: A Resolution of support for House Bill 245 to amend sections 2907.39 and 4301.25 of the Ohio Revised Code to prohibit adult cabaret performances in locations other than adult cabarets, and declaring an emergency.

9) Administrative Reports 10) For the Good of the Order 11) Adjournment

Severe Weather Alert