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May 13, 2022

Fentanyl Arrest/Search Warrant executed

CELINA, OH- Mercer County Sheriff Jeff Grey announced this morning the arrest of Zachary Frazier, 31,  Coldwater, and Alan Bricher, 29, Coldwater, for drug possession, fifth degree felonies.  Mercer County Sheriff’s Detectives, acting on information that they had received surveilled Frazier as he went to the Dayton, OH area to purchase fentanyl on Thursday evening.


When Frazier came back to Mercer County, a Deputy Sheriff in a marked Mercer County Sheriff’s Car stopped Frazier for lanes of travel violations on State Route 118 near Lange Road.  Detectives then contacted Coldwater Police as they had the only K9 on duty in the county.  Coldwater K9 Franko alerted to the vehicle.  A search was conducted of the vehicle and several baggies were located  in the vehicle. The baggies contained fentanyl.  Detectives weighed the fentanyl and it had a combined gross weight of 47.53 grams (47,530 milligrams) .  A fatal dose of fentanyl is considered 2 milligrams.  Frazier was then taken into custody without incident.  Bond was set by Celina Municipal Court Judge Kathryn Speelman at $250,000, subject to 10%.


With the information gathered at the traffic stop, detectives were able to apply for and receive a night time search warrant that was executed at Bricher’s residence on Second Avenue, Coldwater.  During the execution of the search warrant, additional narcotics and drug paraphernalia were seized.  Detectives were assisted in serving the search warrant by the Coldwater Police Department.  Bricher was taken into custody without incident and his bond was also set by Celina Municipal Court Judge Kathryn Speelman at $250,000, subject to 10%.  The prosecutor’s office assisted throughout the evening with legal advice and search warrant preparation.


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