Nov 25, 2021

Manchester Votes to Protect Nursing Home Resident

Manchester Votes to Protect Nursing Home Resident

COLUMBUS – The Ohio House of Representatives Thursday passed Senate Bill 58, Esther’s Law, to help protect Ohio’s elderly population announced State Representative Susan Manchester (R-Waynesfield).


Senate Bill 58, named for Esther Piskor, allows residents of long-term care facilities to have electronic monitoring devices placed in their rooms. After placing video cameras in her room, Esther’s family recorded extensive footage of her being physically abused by multiple healthcare professionals at her assisted living facility – this became the onus for Senate Bill 58.


“The purpose of this legislation is to give family members of residents in long-term care facilities peace of mind,” said Manchester. “This bill will allow for the safeguards to keep our loved ones safe.”


The legislation also protects residents from discrimination by a residential facility due to the decision to utilize camera monitoring.


“Protecting our aging population should be of the utmost priority, Esther’s Law does that,” said Manchester.


Esther’s Law now heads to the Governor.

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