Jul 31, 2020

AAA3 Receives Grant to Hold Remote Classes: Area Agency on Aging 3 CPSMP Classes Scheduled to Begin August 10th

AAA3 Receives Grant to Hold Remote Classes

Area Agency on Aging 3 CPSMP Classes Scheduled to Begin August 10th



Lima, OH – The Area Agency on Aging 3 recently receive the Remote Implementation of Chronic Pain Self-Management Program (CPSMP) for Older Adults in Community-Based Settings. The grant will allow the CPSMP classes to be contacted remotely to larger class sizes.


The purpose of the grant is to help educate those with chronic pain. Chronic pain is often times not something that can be cured, but it can be managed. The Chronic Pain Self-Management Program provides tools for participants to become better active self-managers to their chronic conditions. The likelihood of experiencing chronic pain is known to increase with age. This is why evidence-based programming such as CPSMP is so valuable to our communities.


Community based health promotion programs, such as CPSMP, that addresses the risks and provides self-managing techniques are vital to our older adults, particularly in under-served rural communities like the ones we serve.


There will be two sessions and both are 6 week, self-paced sessions. Each participant will be mailed a "toolkit" containing all material necessary to complete the workshop. Participants will be expected to complete workshop materials and engage in weekly calls with workshop leaders. Each participant is eligible for up to a $50 stipend upon completion.


Session 1- Week of August 10th through September 14th. Weekly calls with workshop leaders will be held on Fridays at 2pm for approximately one hour.



Session 2- Week of August 17th through September 21st. Weekly calls with workshop leaders will be held on Thursdays at 10am for approximately one hour.



The benefits are numerous, but include: more empowerment to take control of chronic conditions, increased confidence, reduced levels of depression and anxiety, added energy and

motivation. Additionally, this proposal wishes to address the issue of social isolation, that has emerged in our older adults during this time of a pandemic.


Past participants of the remote workshops when asked what they found most beneficial were:

· Meal planning & carb information.

· Finding out how similar their problems are to others.

· They found the information very helpful.

· Creating and adhering to an Action Plan.

· Saying everything was useful and liked feedback from group as well.


Amidst, the COVID-19 pandemic, Area Agency on Aging 3 has remained committed to serve our communities and provide Health Education workshops using virtual means. These virtual means are user friendly and accessible to anyone with internet connection or a standard telephone.


Please like the Area Agency on Aging 3 on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and sign up for our emails at www.aaa3.org. Individuals can also call the agency at 419-222-7723 Monday-Friday 8 a.m.to 4:30 p.m. to ask about services available to them.

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