Mar 15, 2019

CEA files 2nd unfair labor practice Charge

Statement from the Celina Education Association:


CEA Statement

On March 14th, Dr. Ken Schmiesing was sent a second Unfair Labor Practice (ULP) charge.  (See attached Statement of Unfair Labor Practice Charge #2). This second ULP charge has been filed due to the fact that Dr. Schmiesing, who is an acting agent of the Board, is insisting that all Tri Star teachers working in the new building be required to be Celina City School employees.  The CEA fully supports Tri Star, Tri Star teachers, and Tri Star’s incredible educational value in preparing students for a variety of careers and opportunities. However, we believe that the new singular location for Tri Star should not preempt past negotiations with the school districts involved with Tri Star.  Teachers who have been working with Tri Star for years should not be asked to change districts due to the construction of a new central location, and the Celina Board of Education should not force the CEA to bargain for non-Celina City School employees who are not at this time recognized in the current CEA collective bargaining agreement.

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