Sep 29, 2018

Meet the winners of the Full and Half Marathon at the 2018 Grand Lake Marathon

By Kevin Sandler

25 year old Arlen Glick of Massilion, Ohio was the winner of the 2018 Grand Lake Marathon Saturday Morning. Glick finished with an unofficial time of 2:44:37. Glick shared his thoughts after crossing the finish line.

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The Half Marathon was won by Ryan Donovan of Madison, Alabama. Donovan talked about his reasons for visiting the area and competing in the Marathon.

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Donovan's unofficial time was 1:23:15. Race organizer Ryan King of Can't Stop Running in Piqua noted the favorable weather for this year's race.

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To view the results:

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Arlen Glick crosses the finish line

Half Marathon Winner Ryan Donovan

Severe Weather Alert

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