Sep 14, 2018

Mercer County Prevention Coalition thanks the Linden Avenue Block Party attendees for their donation

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The Mercer County Prevention Coalition would like to thank the Linden Avenue Block Party attendees for their generous donation to the Youth Business Alliance.

It all started one Friday night, 3 years ago, when a group of moms who lived on Linden Avenue in Celina, stood at the end of one of their driveways chit-chatting as they watched their children play.  They all agreed “this is how it should be, don’t you remember growing up with a block party?  The whole neighborhood getting together and just having a summer night of fun and food?”  They all agreed those times were the best!  So the planning began.  Even though they all have jobs, they coined themselves the “Housewives of Linden Avenue”. They contacted the city, and they suggested they apply for a permit to shut the street down for this one night event.  They met monthly to decide the details and kicked off the first ever block party, as adults, they had ever been a part of.  They strung Christmas lights in July to light the way, they pulled the grills out, filled the balloons, chalked the street, and opened the doors.  The first year was a huge success.  They had several friends and family members join in the fun, and the best part of all, the entire street participated.  They had food, games, music, and the biggest water balloon fight they had ever seen…all in the street!  The Housewives of Linden Avenue decided that they didn’t want their opportunity to give back to go to waste, so they decided to take donations and put together a fundraiser that benefited a local charity.  The first year they donated $500 to the Men’s House of Hope.  They felt that with the party being the success that it was, why stop now and decided to make it an annual event. They gained traction…people were asking when the next one would be, so the planning began for year two.  The second year they had a better turnout, and were able to raise over $500 again, donating that summer to the C.A.L.L Food Pantry Back-Pack Program.  This program is designed to help provide children with meals after they leave school and support them through the summer. 

This past summer, the ladies of Linden Avenue, hosted their 3rd annual, end of summer block party.  The night was kicked off with games in the street, a 2,500 count water balloon fight (no age limit!), food, corn hole tournament, music, fireworks, and a projected outdoor movie with popcorn!  Each year the Linden Avenue Block party gets bigger and bigger! They were able to raise $520 and with the suggestion from Amber Mustard they gave the proceeds to the Youth Business Alliance (YBA).
The YBA is a subsidiary of the Mercer County Prevention Coalition and provides funding for “opportunity kids” (formally referred to as “at-risk” kids) to be able to participate in alternative alcohol/drug free activities such as sports, music, dance, and many other activities and programs they otherwise could not afford. Krista Larmore said "Our neighborhood is full of families that are very involved in sports and the community and we thought the YBA was the perfect organization to give back to. 100% of the donations goes back to the youth in Mercer County and we had fun earning it!"

If you are interested in making your own tax deductible donation to the YBA/Mercer County Prevention Coalition, contact Amy Miller at 419-584-1000 or make a donation online at and click on "Local Sponsors - then Donate Here - type YBA for invoice #".

Picture: (Left to Right) YBA Chair Tom Sanford, the “Linden Housewives”, Ashley Higgins, Krista Larmore, Carrie Cubberley, Kristen Kerns, Amber Mustard (Not Pictured: Kelli Thobe) and Mercer County Prevention Coalition Chair Amy Miller

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