Jul 10, 2018

Celina Police announce arrest in fraudulent check scheme and warn of counterfeit money

NEWS RELEASE 07/10/2018

Over the past couple of weeks we have received reports of counterfeit money circulating in the area. We have seen denominations ranging from $5 to $100 and all in between. Some of the money looks good in appearance, however, the texture feels like copier paper and the security features such as the embedded ribbon and 3D images are not present. Some of the money has Asian lettering and some actually has wording saying it is movie prop money. Please scrutinize all paper money you receive and use security markers if you have them. Investigations are pending, no arrests have been made.


On Monday, July 9th, Celina Police officers responded to Second National Bank at 800 N. Main St. regarding a man trying to cash a fraudulent check. Celina detectives and uniformed officers responded to the scene to investigate. They located two Piqua, Ohio men, 37 year old Michael J. Lambert and 40 year old Shawn B. Pierce.

Through the investigation it was found that Mr. Lambert had entered the bank with a personal check which had been washed to remove the information written on it and in its place it was filled out to Mr. Lambert for $475. It appears the checks were stolen from a residential mailbox from out of this area. Mr. Lambert was arrested on forgery charges.

Shawn Pierce was interviewed by officers who detected he was under the influence of drugs. The investigation found Pierce in possession of suspected marijuana and suspected meth. Also located was a loaded handgun. He was arrested for drug possession and improperly handling of firearms.

Both men face felony charges and the case in under review by Mercer Co. Prosecutor, Matthew K. Fox.




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