Jan 5, 2018

Police: Alleged killer confessed to stabbing his victim

Police: Alleged killer confessed to stabbing his victim

By Kevin Sandler

Court records indicate 19 year old Francy Majo, the accused killer of 47 year old Sandra Renner, confessed to stabbing her in an interview with police the day Renner's body was discovered at her apartment on Elm Street in Coldwater. Renner's body was discovered by her mother Wednesday morning, January 3rd. Coldwater EMS and the Coldwater Police responded to the scene and confirmed Renner was deceased. Investigators determined Renner had multiple fatal stab wounds to her chest. Investigators soon turned their attention to Francy Majo. After Majo was shown pictures of evidence collected from a nearby dumpster, he told investigators that he had walked to Renner's apartment a few days before, stabbed her to death and then left the scene. Majo was arrested early Thursday morning. His bond is set at one million dollars. Majo had his preliminary hearing in Celina Municipal Court Friday morning January 5th. He is due for another court appearance on Monday January 15th at 11 am.

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