Jan 3, 2018

Rockford Village Council approves board members for local radio station

By Kevin Sandler

The Rockford Village Council has approved the appointment of 4 people to serve on a board of directors for Rockford's local radio station WRKD. The radio station is currently managed by Jim Crocker. Rockford Mayor Amy Joseph explains the board is intended to gain accountability for the oversight of the radio station.

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The Board of directors for Rockford will be Todd Henkle, Kevin Browning, Chris Rasbach and Steve Gehle. The following is from the official minutes

Rockford Radio Station WRKD – License holder Village of Rockford.


Motion: Gehle.  Second Heitkamp -  Village of Rockford requires the following steps be taken by January 9th at 7 pm.  Now called for the question. 

Gehle = y,  Heitkamp = y,  Now = y, Young =  y.  Passed 4 yes.


•           New Account dba – WRKD – be closed and funds returned to the Village of Rockford / WRKD account.


•           Bank Statements from account dba WRKD -  October, November and December by January 9th meeting and January statement by February 10th. All statements turned into the Village of Rockford Fiscal Officer – to determine the total of funds to be returned to the Village of Rockford / WRKD account.


•            Verification from bank that the dba WRKD has been closed.


•           Jim Crocker to be removed from the Village of Rockford/WRKD account as a signatory.


  • Any reference to Crocker Media Communications address needs to be changed to personal address. 


  •  PO Box at the Post Office should not be referencing WRKD.


  • Need to disclose any references to other accounts that may contain WRKD and or dba WRKD.



Council established and approved the Board of Directors for WRKD –


Todd Henkle

Kevin Browning

Chris Rasbach

Steve Gehle – Financial Committee – Council representative



Motion Gehle.  Second Heitkamp.  Young called for the question.  Gehle = y, Heitkamp = y, Young = y. Now = y.  Passed 4 yes.



Radio station Board members and council members to have a meeting on January 9th at 7 pm.   Meeting will begin by verifying financial steps listed above have been done.  .  Review and finalize the by-laws.


By motion at the next Council meeting to be held on January 16th – need to have WRKD By-Laws approved.






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