Jun 15, 2017

Shelby County EMA determined there was no tornado Tuesday Night

Information posted from Shelby County EMA:

On Tuesday June 13th, around 7:45pm we heard reports of a possible funnel cloud North of Anna, and that there were reports of storm damage. We responded to do a damage assessment and try to determine if a tornado had touched down.

Over the last 24 hours with help from our partners at Ohio EMA and NWS Wilmington it was ruled that the damage from the storm was a micro downburst, based on the evidence of the photos, damage assessment, and radar models. There was rotation in the mid levels of the cell, but not the lower levels.

At the time of the storm there was a Severe Thunder Storm Warning for the Shelby County area. Tornado sirens will not sound for these types of storms. Instances like this, is why it is important to still seek shelter during these types of warnings.

We would like to thank the residents of Shelby County for taking these photos, and reporting damage to their local authorities which enabled us to investigate further.

Severe Weather Alert

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