Luck of the Irish

Luck of the Irish
Contest Runs March 12th to March 16th
Listen for the Sounder, be the Correct Caller & Win Luck of the Irish Lottery Tickets
Preliminary Winners will be registered to win the Grand Prize of $400 in tires from RRR Tire Service -- Grand Prize Drawing to be held Monday, March 19th
Must Be 18 Years of Age or Older
1 Winner Per Household
Brought to You By:
The Boathouse at Grand Lake
Chateaux Real Estate
RRR Tire Service
Spirit Medicial Transport
Grand Prize Winner:
Katie Knapke of Minster
Preliminary Winners:
Sherry Schoenlein of Maria Stein
Vicky Heiby of Celina
Shirley Will of Chickasaw
Rose Butler of Rockford
Katie Knapke of Minster
Roger Huwer of St. Henry
Tom Wendel of Coldwater
Edna Kremer of Chickasaw
Chuck Eilerman of Coldwater
Todd Wuebker of St. Henry
Sylvia Hux of Celina
Connie Wynk of Coldwater
Sue Garwood of Celina
Cathy Cyphers of Celina
Marie Wilker of Coldwater
Christy Whitaker of Rockford
Mark Evers of Coldwater
Deb Sneddon of Celina
Rose Rohrer of Ft. Recovery